Understanding  your needs and goals is important in any endeavor.

 A consultation with Justice will determine  not only your  goals but your expectations and how I can meet your needs in a more specific and accurate way.

 Feel free to give Justice a  call or email  to schedule a consultation. 

Contact Justice for information on booking and prices

*  Sessions are booked  at 1 hr  and are scheduled once a week.

* 3 month, 6 month, 12 month packages are  available based on your needs.




 Justice , Thank you for your insight and wisdom. I feel so free now, I was never able to see a way out  after years of a bit of success then back to failing again.  I am amazed how you connected with me and were able to pin point my issues and give me the resolve that not only I needed but helped me in my transition. so thank you again.

Jason, Tacoma.

  When I first met Justice I felt stuck in life between what I was programmed to thinking I should be and what I was meant to be. I had fears of stepping into my true self.

He inspired me to look deep and have the courage to see the real me. I would say he was the first stone on my path and started me on my journey and still today he helps keep me on track.

 Karen ,  Chilliwack.

  Justice gave me a safe place for me to realize the collision course I was on in my life- Spiritually, Professionally, mentally, emotionally and financially When I began to work on myself. 

 I gained invaluable information- keys to grow mature and move forward in my life he allowed me to think outside the box.

Understanding the universal laws and how to apply them in my life, He allowed me to be open to possibilities and I am excited about today and what lies ahead, I am forever grateful.

Linda, Abbotsford. 

 The Deity Factor 2020